Q & A

1. What is "DHA?"

DHA is an acronyon for Dihdroxyacetone. DHA is an ingredient derived from sugar cane and beets which reacts with the amino acids in the skin to create the darkening reaction or tan.

2. Is a spray tan safe?

Yes! Norvelle Sunless Airbrush Tanning solutions are non-toxic and utilie eco-certified natural DHA.

3. How long should I wait to shower after getting a spray tan?

DHA solutions take about 16 hours to fully develop. Clients will receive the best results if they can avoid bathing until the day after their spray tan session. If they must bathe, they should wait a minimum of 6 hours after the application.

4. Will a spray tan protect me from UV sun rays?

No, a spray tan should not be used as skin protection. You must still apply SPF lotions or sprays when in the sun.

5. How much does a spray tan cost?

Be sure to check out our current pricing for the different packages.

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